275th Legionary Knights

This is the home page for the 275th Legionary Knights, a Mercenary Corp. active within the Inner Sphere.

    LouisXIV, reporting for duty!


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    LouisXIV, reporting for duty! Empty LouisXIV, reporting for duty!

    Post  LouisXIV on Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:46 pm

    Full Name: John Gray

    Callsign: LouisXIV, though I've many nicknames I can go by (or simply "Louis".)

    What is your preferred 'Mech class? Not sure - likely Medium or Heavy.

    Do you Have a mic or headset for Teamspeak? Indeed I do.

    Have you played a MechWarrior Title before? To a small extent, though I'm no expert.

    How did you hear about the 275th Legionary Knights? From the Founder himself!

    Have you read the Rules of Conduct? Yeah, I'll try to abide by them. Mainly overuse of the 4-letter words I need to watch out for.

    Why do you wish to join the 275th? Aside from name-taking, ass-kicking, and moneymaking, hanging out with cool people is never a bad thing.

    Is there a Knight sponsoring your application? Not to my knowledge. Edit: Like hell there isn't. -Order

    Have you been apart of another Merc Corp before? Never.

    Is there any information that you would like the 275th to know? Not off the top of my head, but I imagine I'll find out the important stuff soon enough.

    What are the Specs for the Computer that you will be playing on?

    AMD APU-3650 Quad Core Processer @ 2.6Ghz w/ integrated graphics
    8 GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
    Radeon HD6770 Graphics card with 1 GB dedicated RAM (I dont' know all it's details, but it's never failed to run highest settings on anything yet.)
    500 GB Hard drive

    And that's about it, the rest of the stuff doesn't really affect anything. I imagine I'll be running highest settings with around 40 FPS given what I've seen so far, so I'm not worried. Internet connection is good too, 1.3MBPS download speed or better with 4 computers on the internet at once, and my ping is usually below 70.
    Aderas Keegan
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    LouisXIV, reporting for duty! Empty Re: LouisXIV, reporting for duty!

    Post  Aderas Keegan on Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:59 pm

    Glad to have you on board, mate. See you around!

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