275th Legionary Knights

This is the home page for the 275th Legionary Knights, a Mercenary Corp. active within the Inner Sphere.


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    Any questions about the Legion or our operations can be found with their respective answers here. If you have a question you would like answered, PM it to myself or another of the Administrative Personnel and we will add it here.

    Q. What are the 275th Legionary Knights?
    A. The Legionary Knights' 275th regiment is a Mercenary Corp. that is active within the Inner Sphere. More specifically, we are a collection of soldiers from all walks of life within the Inner Sphere, from highly trained ex-military to enthusiasts familiar enough with a BattleMech to not get themselves or their Lancemates killed.

    Q. What does the name '275th Legionary Knights' mean?
    A. The Legionary Knights are an organization that is made from a collection of soldiers from a variety of factions. While few if any have actually been knighted by a Great House, they are knights to their own cause. This is the 275th regiment to come about from this order.

    Q. What is our mission?
    A. The mission of the 275th is to balance the battlefield and earn a good penny in the process. While we're starting and currently based in Steiner territory, we will be shifting contracts on a monthly basis depending on a number of factors, such as Alliances, regional power, and foremost internal politics; namely, where our troops want to be.

    Q. Roleplaying?
    A. Yes, Roleplaying. I enjoy Roleplaying, and most of my early recruits do as well. As such, it's encouraged that you give it a chance and consider your battles to be In Character. There's no downside to not roleplaying, aside from not being a part of that bit of the community. Right, well, the Roleplaying aspect of the site didn't work as well as I'd hoped to tide folks over until the game went live. BUT! When the forums are more active it might come back.

    Q. How does the ranking system work?
    A. In combat, each pilot will be part of a Lance. Lances are comprised of four pilots, one of which is designated as Lance Leader. Lances may or may not have a theme to them, as determined by the Lance Leaders and the overall Lance Commander. Lance Commanders will have a Command Lance, and will oversee operations consisting of 2-4 Lances, being a Battalion. Non-com Officers will oversee Theatre operations for all of our forces, coordinating our attacks and defenses. All of these positions will be heavily based on individual skill and troop recommendation once interest is high enough to have contested positions.
    As far as Forum ranking goes, for the most part that will be based on how much I and the rest of the Mod staff trust you, and your seniority.

    Q. What if I want to help, administratively speaking?
    A. You're welcome to! But don't expect any sort of real power until we know you're not going to sabotage our operations.

    Q.What kind of 'Mechs are we allowed to pilot?
    A. Whatever you are best at, naturally. While we would like to have our Lances either balanced or themed towards a particular style, each pilot is best suited at doing what they're good at. As such, unless you are decidedly good at everything, we will work with your strengths.

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