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This is the home page for the 275th Legionary Knights, a Mercenary Corp. active within the Inner Sphere.

    Einhander KaiZwei: Or, Zweihander

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    Einhander KaiZwei: Or, Zweihander Empty Einhander KaiZwei: Or, Zweihander

    Post  Aderas Keegan on Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:40 am

    Hail MechWarriors. Order here with another 'Mech loadout for you to try.

    You may be familiar with my Catapult 'Einhander' heavy support. Well, I decided to run in a K2. After a bunch of test runs, I found a design that works wonders for taking out most any 'Mech below the Assault class 1v1, and can survive head on engagements with a bit of support.

    The K2 'Zweihander' uses two light lasers and two medium lasers, and has an XL270 engine, as well as a grand total of 18 heat sinks (8 added, 10 standard). That in itself works well enough, but the real kick comes from the pair of Ultra AC/5's, complete with five tons of ammunition. Clocking a good 67km/h and able to lay down the damage at close range, I've had some amazing matches in this thing.

    Just a few of the things I've managed are a grand total of FIVE kills in a single match, including two Assault 'Mechs (not single handed mind, but still impressive), killing an Atlas, a Commando, a Jenner AND a Hunchback all in one go, and capturing an enemy base to boot, as well as defending base from lights/mediums and surviving on my own.

    She's got enough armor to take some damage, and is maneuverable enough to escape most Assault 'Mechs. The only bad thing I could say about it is she's not quite as fast as I'd like, and doesn't have quite as much ammunition. With that said, still can ream most Light 'Mechs in a few sorties, and even heavily armored Hunchbacks, Catapults and Dragons will have a run for their money.

    I can also core a Centurian in about thirty seconds, so that's worth something!

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